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Professional cook Amanda Haas joins forces with Dr. Bradly Jacobs to share 65 delicious, simple inflammation-busting recipes
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“Dr. Brad performed the most thorough checkup and review of my medical history I have ever experienced.” –V.J.
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Vitamin D Update

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I’m Brad Jacobs MD MPH ABIM, an integrative medicine physician, educator, and author – who is focused on helping people become their best self through optimizing health, sense of well-being, attitude, and vitality. I’d like to welcome you to my website, featuring: my approach toward optimal health and achieving your best self; information about upcoming workshops and retreats; and a weekly blog, featuring fresh insights and resources about healthy living and common conditions. The intention of this website is to share my experience and knowledge, and to engage you in dialogue about how best to live a vital, healthy, joyful, and happy life.


Exciting News

I am delighted to announce that Yumi Ando MD will be joining our medical group and serving as Medical Director at our new concierge medicine location in Palo Alto, BlueWave! Dr. Yumi is also a Stanford-trained integrative medicine physician and medical acupuncturist. Our Palo Alto location will offer the same integrative medicine services offered at our Cavallo Point and downtown San Francisco locations. I invite you to learn more about Dr. Yumi by visiting our new BlueWave Medicine website. Feel free to call us directly at 1.415.339.2692 to get detailed information about Dr. Yumi, the practice, and the new office location.


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Dr. Brad's blog features content on a variety of health topics. Here you'll gain insight into Dr. Brad's expertise on a variety of topics including Women's Health, Men's Health, Healthy Aging, and Common Conditions. Either scan the blog roll below for the latest from Dr. Brad, or click on the Health Blog links to go directly to your area of interest.

Preparing for Flu Season 2014-2015

As winter approaches, it’s time to begin thinking about getting your flu vaccine. As you know, I am not a big fan of medical interventions but the flu vaccine is one of those interventions that provide great benefit with little risk. I recommend that all my patients get a flu... Read more

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Saturated Fats and Heart Disease… What Gives?

Saturated Fats are BAD FOR YOU… or are they? We have been admonished repeatedly for decades by doctors, the American Heart Association, the press, your family and friends for eating saturated fats. But a recent study by Rajiv Chowdhury that reviewed 80 previous studies suggests that saturated fat may not change... Read more

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Dr. Brad performed the most thorough checkup and review of my medical history I have ever experienced.” –V.J.


Dr. Brad is gifted with a unique combination of exceptional competence and compassion, and I am grateful he is my doctor! He can also work magic… A couple of months ago, I went to see him after a long trip and weeks of feeling terrible with an acute cold, complete exhaustion, and a plugged ear….Continue Reading


When I first met Dr. Bradly Jacobs, I was new to San Francisco and struggling with major health issues. In fact, I had plans to return to NYC one month later for major surgery. This was a very trying time for me, but I found great comfort in my work with Dr. Jacobs. During my…Continue Reading


For years I considered myself to be an active middle-aged man, slightly overweight with ‘normal’ signs of aging. Since I had no official disease and traditional medical practices were not focused on my underlying health, I was unaware that I was on a fast track toward either a debilitating condition or a bad final outcome….Continue Reading