What’s All the Fuss About This Year’s Flu Season?

A recent article in the SF Chronicle Health Section reads: “H1N1 flu strain has returned with a vengeance”. Indeed, the most recent CDC Health Alert “H1N1-Associated Illnesses for the 2013-14 Influenza Season” did set off alarm bells throughout the medical community given that the 2009 H1N1 strain seems to have returned... Read more

Breakfast In A Pinch: A Satisfying Morning Smoothie Recipe

Okay, okay – so we all know by now how important breakfast is in avoiding a drop in blood sugar, maintaining a healthy weight, staving off mid-morning sugar cravings, and stoking the metabolism. So, what’s a busy professional / parent / chauffeur / friend / errand-expert to do during one... Read more

Time of Your Life: How to Fit in Fitness

Your health is worth making time for. We’ve all said it before. Between a mounting workload, juggling your family’s various schedules, and taking care of the home, “I don’t have time” rolls off the tongue effortlessly, no? It is an especially comforting phrase to tell yourself. Most people pull the... Read more